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Date Contens
Sep.1951 Established at Tokyo
Sep.1963 Approved as "Utility model patent" for "Spiral wooven Clutch Facings"
May 1965 Changed company name to "Fuji Brake Industry Co.,Ltd."
Apr.1974 Constructed "Brake Lining factory" in Ibaraki-Pref.
Dec.1979 Placed "Laboratory" at Ibaraki factory.
Jan.1980 Set up "Dynamo meter" for Lining and Pads.
Feb.1986 Built new production lines of Disc Brake Pads in Ibaraki factory.
Aug.1992 Developed Non-Asbestos Disc Brake Pads.
Jul.1999 Build new Head office in Urawa.
Oct.1999 Closed Urawa factory, and moved to Ibaraki.
Mar.2001 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
Aug.2005 Our Head office, moved to Koga-shi, Ibaraki-pref.
Apr.2019 Capital increased to \79,495,000.